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Thread: Issue with my 28 Rokkor

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    Issue with my 28 Rokkor

    Last year around this time my 28 Rokkor M wasn't focusing correctly so I had Steve (in LA) adjust it. It was great, but expensive ($150) And for a year I was able to use the lens without any issues.

    But about a month ago I noticed that the lens was focusing incorrectly again. It won't focus to infinity at all. It's off by an inch or two at 5 feet. I use an M8 by the way and my other lenses focus properly.

    Is it normal to have your lens go out of focus once a year like this? Anyone experience something like this with their Rokkor M?

    I really like the lens but if I get it adjusted again I will have spent $300 repairing a $500 lens.


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    Re: Issue with my 28 Rokkor

    I can't speak specifically about the Rokkor itself, but no - having a lens go out of whack isn't "normal." Has it received any knocks? Could be things weren't tightened up quite enough or threadlocker used where necessary, etc.

    Who did the repair? Might want to try them again first to see if they'll fix it up for you. Failing that, send it to Don, Youxin or Sherry...

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    Re: Issue with my 28 Rokkor

    as stated, I would call the repairman.

    This is not normal. I had this happen once: a wartime Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f1.5 Sonnar "T" sent to me after it went to a professional. Same thing happened, the lens worked for a while then went out. I shimmed it to perfection, tested, focus went out again.

    One of the internal elements was loose. It shifted ever so slightly. Had to disassemble the lens, a pain for a wartime Sonnar. There are hidden set screws holding in the retaining rings. "Pushed like crazy" to get the middle group in tightly, used "Big Bertha" the spanner to tighten. Then let the owner know all was right with the lens, and made an offer on the lens, which was accepted.

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    Re: Issue with my 28 Rokkor

    Thanks for the replies. Steve from Steve's camera in LA did the adjust. By all accounts he's the best in the LA area. I've heard nothing but good things about him. The focusing ring itself is a little loose and always has been. To my knowledge the lens hasn't had any impacts at all.

    I'll just give steve a call. Thanks again guys!

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