Hi there:
Who would have believed it!

Added to which - having screwed up on getting the camera to me by Friday before my holiday (I did pay 200 for the privilege) - they sent it to a dealer in Germany instead. They promised to get it to me at my holiday address on a pre-10 am delivery today . . . it was on a UPS saver and arrived at 4.00pm.

Having said that - every time I take a shot it seems quieter . . .not that Emma is even remotely convinced "it's hardly any different" and "why did you want it quieter anyway"

The LCD glass update means that you get a new back-plate (the plastic bit with the writing) which is nice as mine was worn and shiney. The Vulkanite is great, and the camera really does look almost new again.

I wasn't really too fussed about the framelines, but actually, it's a huge improvement, it's very simple to deal with the parallax on close subjects, and delightful to have accuracy at a distance.

As for the grubby sensor - of course, I didn't bring my sensor cleaning kit, but I did bring a blower, and that does seem to have dealt with most of it, so, gratefully, it seems to have been dust rather than grease.

Still, if anyone else is considering doing this, it's actually lovely having the vulkanite and the glass LCD cover, and if it's going at all, then maybe one should go the whole hog.

. . . . . and take a deep breath!