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Thread: Leica Monochrom Print Experience?

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    Leica Monochrom Print Experience?

    I'd like to ask for thoughts from those who have printed images from their monochroms. How do they look, especially compared with M9 images.

    I realize this is subjective and can't be supported with objective evidence on-line, but I'd still like to hear about peoples' experience.

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    Re: Leica Monochrom Print Experience?

    I'd be interested to hear also. For web or LCD viewing I think the differences would be subtle IMO, the print is where its at. Large exhibition size prints should yield some improvement I would hope.

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    Re: Leica Monochrom Print Experience?

    My experience in making prints has been very good. I've printed up to 13x19, so far. Clearly depends on the photo and the paper, but, the resolution comes through. Favorite papers are Epson Exhibition Fiber and Epson Hot Press Bright.

    I'm curious if anyone's sent an image off to the special Leica printer.

    Cheers, Matt

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