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Thread: M8 freezes

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    M8 freezes

    I took my M8 out hiking in the Catskills during the recent cold snap -- around 10 degrees F and high wind chill factor. After about 30 minutes of shooting, the camera stopped working in a peculiar way. The shutter button wouldn't fire and the camera made a continuous whirring sound as if it were trying to cock and re-cock the shutter. This sound continued even after I turned off the power. Also, the frame/battery indicator stayed on even after the power was switched off. Removing and reinserting the battery seemed to solve this problem, but then the M8 took only a few more frames before stopping again in the same way. The battery trick worked once again, but after one more frame, the camera stopped firing for good. Replacing the battery with a fresh one didn't help. When it returned to room temperature later, the M8 appeared to return to normal.

    Up until now, my M8 has been very reliable in environments ranging from the tropics to deserts, and in milder cold weather. I would like to take advantage of the M8's great weight/image quality ratio for winter hiking. Any thoughts on causes or advice on prevention?

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    Re: M8 freezes

    Sorry to hear about the issues you had in the weather. So far, through last winter and this (temperatures down to -18 degrees fahrenheit last year) I haven't had any problems.

    In fact, this past weekend I spent 2-3 hours walking and snapping shots on consecutive days in the snow, wind and temperatures of 15 degrees fahrenheit. I took nearly 100-150 photos each day without going beyond two bars on the battery indicator.

    Here's a snap from the cold and snow ...

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