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Thread: Possible to use tilt on the new M?

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    Possible to use tilt on the new M?

    With the option of live view, the M 240 opens up quite a few possibilities. I am interested in experimenting with tilt on my M but I am not too sure where to start so your advice would be appreciated.

    I am looking at long telephoto so the CanNikon T/S lenses aren't really suitable. Ruling out T/S lenses I think I will have to use an adapter on a regular telephoto lens. Focus to infinity is a must.

    I am guessing that most regular lenses made for 35mm do not have a large enough image circle to use tilt so am I better off just going straight to medium format lenses? With that comes the task of finding a tilt adapter and a lens to M-mount adapter.

    This all seems overly complicated and I'm not sure if I'm just better of sticking to LF for my tilt needs.


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    Re: Possible to use tilt on the new M?

    Well, no question LF or MF are going to be easier for this, but it really comes down to what focal length your wanting to shoot. Canon as example makes an excellent 90mm T/S lens, if that is a long enough telephoto? Anything much longer than 100mm, and you are really complicating your life.

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    Re: Possible to use tilt on the new M?

    This is a new bellows system that works with any 35mm system via an adapter, and has an extremely small 'footprint' and lightweight. The only lens that can be focused at longer distances and infinity is (luckily for cmace) as Schneider 90mm. The lens will produce amazing results optically, and will provide the tilt shift capabilities you seem to be looking for. Also any leica lens is adaptable for macro purposes. A very reasonable (IMO) 1290 euros for the whole set-up.

    Novoflex - Bellows attachment CASTBAL T/S

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