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Thread: Summicron 35mm v1 (M2) Chrome

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    Summicron 35mm v1 (M2) Chrome

    I have a v1 Summicron 35mm that I'm considering getting rid of. It's a great lens, and mine's in excellent condition, but part of the highlight of this lens is its relatively low contrast, particularly wide open, and that just doesn't suit my style of shooting. Admittedly my copy has what looks like some coating loss, which I imagine doesn't help, but regardless I'm considering trading it up for a more modern copy. That said, I haven't paid much attention to the prices of things of late-are the old prices on still accurate? That is, would a 1-for-1 trade of a v1 'cron for a ASPH still be within a reasonable range if someone was looking for a v1? Sorry about the iPhone picture, but figured I'd better put something in for reference...

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    Re: Summicron 35mm v1 (M2) Chrome

    IMHO - An early chrome Leitz lens is desirable, they're just really nice. But, if yours has coating wear or haze it will bring less. Even if yours were in perfect shape, an ASPH is still more money.

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