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Thread: Leica Anecdote

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    Leica Anecdote

    A few years back, I bought and used extensively a black X1. I later sold it to use the X2, X100, RX1 and similar cameras. After many thousands of frames with these cameras, each of which was great it in its own way, I recently looked back through the photos and concluded that I liked the X1 rendering best of all. With the X1 now selling used at bargain prices, I bought another X1, reversing my earlier decision to sell it for supposedly new and improved models.

    When the deal was completed, the seller mentioned in his email that he regretted selling it more than any camera he'd had, but was selling because he just couldn't justify keeping it, as he used his other gear more often. He said, though, noting my story, that maybe one day he'd do what I did and buy another.

    When the X1 arrived, I emailed him to confirm it was received and thank him. He told me that he had already bought another X1. And that his wife thought he was crazy.

    It is funny how Leica has a way of releasing new products that don't quite render the old ones obsolete.

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    Re: Leica Anecdote

    I believe many of us had walked on the same path and gone through the same experience. It could have been that M3 that was sold many years back during the film days. Or inevitably the M6.
    I sold the M8 and bought the M9P a year later. It was a natural consequence what they would say an upgrade. But if there had been no M9P, I'd probably have bought the M8.2 as replacement sooner or later.
    Same for the lenses. I had my Titanium 35mm pre-asph Summilux sold and thought it was a bad decision on reflection. I never get the improved asph version as a replacement for the 'upgrade' instinct. Instead, I bought the same version years later because it renders a special signature with its images. However, unlike the X1, I had to pay more for what I sold the Titaniumn lens for.
    I suppose the 'magic moment' for me is not so much in the shoot sessions with Leica gear. Rather, it's that enlightening feeling when you buy some identical gear back after you had sold it with some regret as an afterthought.

    Go enjoy the X1. It can still hold out on its own and I'm not selling mine in any hurry.

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