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Thread: Cleaning the m240 sensor

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    Cleaning the m240 sensor

    Can someone help me with cleaning my sensor on my camera. I have relentlessly tried to use eclipse and sensor swab to clean the sensor but every time the dust just shows up in different locations on the sensor and I just can't get rid of it all. I also think that maybe there is dust on the shutter it self in the inside by the sensor. I do not want to send the camera in until last resort.
    Thanks guys

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    Re: Cleaning the m240 sensor

    I initially use an anti-static blower to remove any dust. Then I wet clean using Isopropyl and Visible Dust swabs. Just a few drops on the swab, allow a few seconds to soak in, wipe one way, reverse the swab and wipe the other way and usually that does it. Stubborn spots may need a few more attempts. The proprietary cleaning fluids are useless IMHO. Leica themselves recommend Isopropyl.

    Hope this helps.

    P.s. my personal preference for Isopropyl is NOT the 100% pure but the 70% version which most pharmacies carry.
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