My favorite camera of all time.....and I have had many. I wanted something that would come close photo quality and options of an SLR without the hassle of lens changing and dragging a camera bag for extra lenses just to get the 'great' shot. This has done it for me. I also take high quality video with it.
My Grandson plays hockey at a fairly high level (fast paced) and also for his High School Team. Lighting changes from rink to rink and I have been able to take really good video of the fast paced games. Action shots such as in motion slap shots also come out good. You have to play with the settings, but that is what you have to do wth an SLR, this is like having an SLR without the extra baggage. Bigger than a pocket camera but I get around that by using my lens cap and carrying a bit larger purse than needed. Camera pops in and everybody is not aware that Grandma has the phone in tow.