As you all probably know, the Voigtlander Double Shoe adapter is now long discontinued. I have noticed that Match Technical produces a version of the double shoe adapter with a thumb grip (CSEP-4S) for digital Ms. The thumb grip seems redundant for film cameras. I recently emailed Mr. Tim Isaac of Match Technical to see if there was any way he could produce a version without the thumb grip portion, specifically geared toward Leica film cameras.

Here is the email I received form Mr. Isaac:

"Greetings Jordan,
Thanks for taking the time to prepare your message and the links that you sent to me.

I have produced a CAD model of a possible double cold shoe arrangement. Your comments are most welcomed.
I regret I cannot post these images on RFF because Mr. Gandy would view this as self-promotion and he would take it down
and probably all of my other posts there as well.

However, you may be able to explore the interest level with the attached image.

If I can see a reasonable response, I will produce the double cold shoe as you requested.
It is best to work through e-mails. The price will be established once I have a sense of the interest.

I look forward to your comments."

To be completely transparent, I have absolutely no connection with Mr. Isaac or Match Technical, I was just curious if it was feasible and/or possible to create something like this. As you can see from the attachments, it is possible. But now the question still remains...Is there any interest in something like this? Yes/no? Questions and comments welcome.