There have been complaints that consecutive file numbering was lost after a firmware upgrade and after service or the hardware upgrades. Starting up with a partly used card that has the last numbered frame resets the firmware upgrade case, but I just got my oldest M8 back with the shutter upgrade, and that takes a more elaborate fix. The numbering goes to L999xxxx, where xxxx is unrelated to your previous frames, shot before the trip to Solms. The problem is that in the service center, they create a directory 999LEICA for testing, and that dominates whatever directories you were previously using. Previous fixes for this involved shooting a frame with "standard" numbering, and then relabelling things on the PC before continuing.

Firmware 2.002 has a new trick for this.

format card

menu --> picture numbering --> set back now

shoot one frame, and reset picture numbering --> continuous

remove card and in the PC rename directory from 100LEICA to whatever (101LEICA in my case), then rename the one frame to next frame number that you want to use.

Restore card to camera, check number in PLAY, and go out to shoot. Picture numbers should increase continuously, and the camera has forgotten all about the 999 directory.


PS the unique ID increased by 70 shots while my camera was doing its shutter upgrade. Makes me think that they do not replace the whole shutter, only some parts.