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Thread: More M8 upgrade info Part 2

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    More M8 upgrade info Part 2

    From our friend Sandy got this downloaded from the German site.

    There is a upgrade FAQ posted in German, as a PDF in the download area. As I can't find an English version, here's a Google translation. (there may be an English version of this, but the site isn't working well for me...)



    Questions & Answers on LEICA M8 upgrade program
    As at 31 January 2008

    1st Can all on the market LEICA M8 will be upgraded or are there exceptions? All ever built LEICA M8 can benefit from the upgrade.

    2nd Besides the noise reduction more benefits with the new lock?
    Due to the reduced kinetic forces when the vibrations were further reduced exposure. This has resulted in sharper images in photography with long exposure times The hand felt. The extremely high imaging performance of Leica lenses can be so Even more vividly.

    3rd How and when can I upgrade?
    As LEICA M8 owner book and pay directly to an upgrade of Leica Camera Homepage. The postings will be from March 2008. You will then receive a certificate With the serial number of your M8, please send your camera. On request, your M8 Home with you picked and after the upgrade again delivered. The upgrade will Scheduled from August 2008. A new LEICA M8 as in the past, you can contact your Leica dealers purchase at the request he led the upgrade for you.

    4th What are the advantages of the sapphire glass for the LCD screen?
    Offers unique sapphire crystal scratch resistance, because it is the hardest glass ever. For this It is fundamental for high-quality watches, and has proven itself excellently. As the first Camera manufacturers, it is Leica succeeded this material for the very mechanically Claimed deck glass of the LCD screen. Due to the enormous scratch and It resists abrasion harmless contact with, for example, metal, stone or sand. The advantage is Ungetrübter a glance at the screen and a camera, the LCD screen even after years of Intensive use still look like new.

    5th What guarantees, Leica after the upgrade?
    When upgrading checks and adjusts Leica camera in all functions and plays each Latest firmware. Therefore gets each LEICA M8 after a new upgrade Factory warranty of 2 years with the full scope of services as with a brand new camera.

    6th Will Leica in the future to further expand this system?
    With the LEICA M8 upgrade program, we want to offer our customers a long-term hedging Your Investments offer, as it always your camera on the latest technology bring . The feasibility of further upgrade steps, including the complete digital part of the Camera, even including image sensor, are currently being examined.

    7th Can I upgrade from closure and also sapphire glass separately?
    This is not possible. With each upgrade has largely Leica camera, and then dissect Re-assemble and adjust - a complex work. Therefore, it is economic, both Upgrade services in one package.

    8th Why should I now have a certificate for an upgrade if the modification only in August 2008 can be carried out?
    The capacity in the Leica factory Solms are limited, as the modifications of experienced Experts carried out. Generally, the upgrades in the order of acquisition of Certificate. Depending on the order intake, we expect longer waiting times, Especially in the initial phase. By the way, as quickly as possible to upgrade Book.
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    Re: More M8 upgrade info Part 2

    Leica just made these information available in their US site while you were posting this.

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