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Thread: M S Optics ISM 50mm 1.0

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    M S Optics ISM 50mm 1.0

    I like the MS Optics 50mm 1.1 Sonnetar. Now I see a write up on the MS Optics ISM 50mm 1.0 in M mount. At only 178 grams, nice for travel. With Gauss type lens it does not have the sonnar qualities of the former, but apparently also not the tricky coma adjustment ring. 16 rounded aperture blades.

    I have not used a lens this fast and wonder how and when it will improve on the Sonnetar. Any thoughts?

    Looks interesting, for digital or film,

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    Re: M S Optics ISM 50mm 1.0

    I don't know, I'm not impressed with the wide open sharpness of this new lens. I have the Sonnetar, and it's a great little lens. Really sharp wide open actually. Extremely small for its speed, keeping with the M philosophy. This new f/1.0 might be lighter, but can't imagine it being any smaller than the Sonnetar. I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually slightly bigger. Looking forward to seeing what people think once it reaches their hands.

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