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Thread: Question about 18mm f/3.8 UV/IR filter

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    Question about 18mm f/3.8 UV/IR filter

    I just got my filter and if I shake it gently from side to side it rattles. The glass itself in the filter is not what is rattling. There is a black ring of stiff card or plastic inside the filter housing (about 5mm wide) which reduces the effective diameter of the filter by blocking off the outermost 5mm all the way round. Not sure what it is for but it is not a tight fit in the filter housing and it can be rotated quite freely.

    The actual glass itself does move a bit if you press on the outside and push gently, but I am OK with that as some give is necessary I would imagine.

    So I guess the rattling sound when you shake the filter is normal as the baffle is quite loose fitting.

    Has anyone else that has this filter noticed this?


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    Re: Question about 18mm f/3.8 UV/IR filter

    Simon, I haven't yet received the filter, but will report back on any rattles or loose fittings once it arrives (soon, I hope).

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    Re: Question about 18mm f/3.8 UV/IR filter

    Thanks David. I think it is supposed to be that way, but it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion. I have had so many quality issues with Leica of late that I am becoming quite distrusting.


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    Re: Question about 18mm f/3.8 UV/IR filter

    Confirmation received from Leica is that the baffle does rattle and that is it there to stop stray relfections from the white lettering on the lens surround.

    So, all is well.


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