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Thread: It has arrived

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    Smile It has arrived

    The M8 arrived. Together with a 28 elmarit. Great combo!

    Everybody who is not familiar with RF's I can recommend to buy (or borrow which I did) an M6 and shoot a couple of rolls. Stepping in the RF world without experiencing could lead to big, big dissapointments.

    Thanks to this forum (and also the others to be honest) for all the advice I could extract from the various threads.

    Now I'm off shooting...... and looking for a good, used 50mm cron or lux.



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    Re: It has arrived

    Congrats! Enjoy it. The 28 Elmarit is a fine lens indeed, and in many ways I enjoyed it more than I do the 28 cron! Anyway, enjoy and post pics in the M8 thread when you get some!
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    Re: It has arrived

    HI There Rob
    congratulations on your new camera.
    I hope you get as much pleasure out of it as I do from mine

    Just this guy you know

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    Re: It has arrived

    +1 Jono.

    Way to go, Rob and good advice. I'm an old hack from ancient times and RFs are old friends to me, but I can easily see where the differences would not be everyones' cup of tea. Especially, if one has come to photography in the recent past.

    What an imposition to have to frame within an ever changing set of framelines and DOF to ponder in the VF? How primitive and absurd!
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    Re: It has arrived

    Mine arrived today too! Both the M8 and the Elmarit!!! How do you like it so far?!

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