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Thread: Softbox for speedlite and profoto strobe???

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    Softbox for speedlite and profoto strobe???


    I would like to get a medium size portable softbox which I can use with my Canon flash and profoto strobe.

    I have looked around. I like Photoflex Litedome and Wescott Apollo 28 a lot but the problem is that they only work with camera flashes but not with powerful strobes. At least that's what BH says on its website: "for camera flash only".

    Do you know any softbox/octabox on which I can set up my camera flash and a profoto speed ring as well?


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    Re: Softbox for speedlite and profoto strobe???

    Maybe you want to check Photek's softlighters out. I use mine (the large one) with hot shoe flashes and Elinchrom monoblocks.

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