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Thread: new Profoto AcuteB LiFe battery jitters

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    new Profoto AcuteB LiFe battery jitters

    So I did end up getting the AcuteB with the Life Battery.
    Found a deal at for a regular lead battery as a spare so I'm all set.
    Charged both batteries about ten days ago until charger showed green - and then some.
    Finally got around to doing a test today.
    Fired the AcuteB w/ LiFe battery for about 25-30 shots, and then the pack died.
    Noting in the manual says anything dangerous about working the energy levels or power ratios - the pack seemed to autodump fine. I had the pack set to full power for half the shots. Modelling light was set to BAT.

    Exchanged for the lead acid battery - and was so relieved to find the pack still working - though the lead battery was only at half-strength.
    The LiFe battery's charging fine now so it seems OK...

    How is this possible for both batteries to lose all that power in 10 days?
    Especially the Lithium battery not lasting more than 30 shots?
    Is this dissipation normal for Profoto batteries?
    My Elinchrom Rangers lose some but not 70% after just ten days unused...
    any thoughts, good peeps?

    PS despite the first-timer jitters, I'm really digging the Profoto, and can foresee weaning myself away from Elinchrom...gradually.

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    Re: new Profoto AcuteB LiFe battery jitters

    Did you read the manual regarding conditioning the battery when first using it? I bet that after a few full charges and near complete depletions, it'll start working just dandy.

    Also, Lithiums deplete if unused just like Lithium AAs will (unless they are enloops ... which still lose their charge, but at a slower rate,)

    BTW, here's a tip ... if you ever need 1,200 w/s out of one head you can buy or rent the D4 Acute Twin head that plugs into both Acute B600 units for a total of 1,200 w/s of glorious Profoto light


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    Re: new Profoto AcuteB LiFe battery jitters

    thanks for the tips.
    silly me, no I didn't think there was any conditioning, not with profoto,
    and certainly not with Lithium. Guess I'm wrong.
    Went out and did a shoot today with the Lead acid battery - and yeah, got to 77 shots at max power and it was on its last legs...
    Don't know that I'd want to fire the flashhead 200 times x 2 just to recondition the battery 8-).

    The Acute twin head tip is huge - thanks - for now, my Rangers do the trick,
    but certainly, it'll solve the problem later of having to get a 7b. I'd rather have 4 AcutesB than 2 7bs...more practical I think...

    I'm learning that with MDFB, 1200ws is my sweet spot giving me f8/f11 at 50 ASA - a safety allowance for all the focusing problems I'm having with the RZ...
    thanks again.

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