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Thread: Broncolor Hazylights

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    Broncolor Hazylights

    Hello! I recently came into possession of an assortment of Broncolor lighting equipment with which I plan to shoot product photography. Amongst the equipment is a trio of Hazylights, the fiberglass kind, which seem to have varying model numbers but almost identical design. The issue is that the diffusers in the front are either missing, in one instance, are quite aged and yellow. I'd like to replace the diffusers on all of them if this can be done affordably. It seems that they are some sort of film held onto an aluminum frame by an adhesive tape. I should just be able to replace the film. Does anyone know where I can find a material matching manufacturer's specifications?

    Thank you very much!


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    Re: Broncolor Hazylights

    Try calling the U.S. distributor for
    Broncolor. Is anything in the Broncolor line

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    Re: Broncolor Hazylights

    In it's day the Hazylight was the premium product light. Pop a sheet of milk white plexi on the front of them and use the dedicated head with counter reflector and you'll have a nice even highlight in your product shots. The key to the design is the dedicated head with the front diffusion.

    Or just put that same sheet of plexi in front of a Plume Wafer for the same even light and a whole lot less weight. The medium and large Wafers have the least fall off from center to edge of any softbox and they'll easily equal the quality of the Hazy.

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