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Thread: Studio Lighting Project

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    Studio Lighting Project

    Hello everyone,

    I would love some help from any amateur photographer out there who has useful tricks for how to assure for great exposure using cheap and simple means… This is how I’ve approached the subject thus far.

    I never really understood why people would spend large amount of money on direct and indirect lighting, when a much simpler solution is available. So what I do is simply make my own spots from screens (hand-made by me), tripods (cheap through ebay) and LED bulbs (more details here). I can place them all over the room and they have been doing a great job.

    So no matter how unprofessional looking they may be, these spots have always helped me produce great pictures of an amazing interferences due to the varying intensity of the LED bulbs. I say that’s quite a bargain. Would you agree? How do you save even more money?

    I appreciate your help
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    Re: Studio Lighting Project

    IDK. There are several "Studio Set Ups" that are pretty inexpensive on ebay. If you have a small budget I would start there.

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