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Thread: New Strobe Light

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    Question New Strobe Light

    I want buy new strobe light, I use brazilian made strobe Atek and now I want to go a step forward.
    I'm searching entry level pack or monolight and I see three options.
    Broncolor Senso, Profoto Acute or Profoto D1.
    But here in Brazil I don't have acess to this products for testing, because it I need some sugestions.
    At first look I like more Broncolor Senso, because there are more power than D1 and more easy control, and sure, is cute. You know we work with beauty
    But I realy would like hear other opinions.

    Sorry my bad English!
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    Re: New Strobe Light

    I usually recommend a pack system but in this case, I'd say go with a Profoto D1 three light studio kit which is about the same price as the Broncolor Senso kit.

    Profoto D1 Air 3 Head Studio Kit - 1- 1000W/s / 2- 500W/s 901087

    2,000w/s of power verses 1200, three heads rather than two, faster recycle, comes with full AIR control from the camera, and you can add small clip-on lithium batteries to go mobile without an AC power source.

    Check in your area as to which brands are easily rented. This provides back-up and access to more exotic gear should you need it for a specific job. In my area it is Profoto, and it has been Profoto everywhere I've traveled to.


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    Re: New Strobe Light

    I love working with my Profoto's - great lights! The 3 light kit that Marc recommended is a fantastic set up. I would suggest investing in heavier duty light stands when you can. I use Avenger C-stands with boom arms - the stands that come in the kits are ok for use in studio but you cannot boom them at all. The Air system is superb - having the flexibility to adjust lights power up/down, turn on/off modeling lights is a nice feature.


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