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Thread: Light Meter

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    Light Meter

    Does anyone still use a lightmeter/flashmeter? If so, when? I don't hear much about them anymore, but my old Sekonic L-558 comes out whenever the strobes come out.

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    Re: Light Meter

    I carry a Pocket Spot meter in my bag when I shoot my Alpa. I use it every-so-often, but not all that much. It is a bleed over from my 4x5" days. When I shoot strobe, I also use a Sekinic 558.
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    Re: Light Meter

    Minolta flash meter V1. Never leave home without it. Brilliant meter. Reflective, incident, spot, flash, highlight, shadow, average. Can't ask for more.

    As I shoot a lot of transparency film I find incident light reading essential. Conversely, the 5% spot to accurately establish shadow and highlights is a blessing. Combining the three readings provides images that are very easy to scan.

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