I'm wanting to buy some affordable lights and am wanting to go for a look similar to Julian smith videos.
JULIAN SMITH - Malk - YouTube

I have some experience with lighting at my job, but we do mostly one angle stationary shoots. I'm wondering what would be a good combination of lighting for a sketch video where there is a bit more movement. The cheaper the better, and I'm not really wanting to break the $1000 dollar line.

I've had my eye on these lights so far.
Smith-Victor KSB-1000 2-Light 1,000 Watt Economy SoftBox 408086

Lowel DP One-Light Kit D2-102 B&H Photo Video

Interfit Stellar X Solarlite Softbox Kit (120-240VAC) INT199U

At my work we use arri lights, which are really good but expensive, so theyre out of my price range, as well as the kino-flos we use.
I've heard good things about lowel's which seem a bit more affordable. But than again I haven't seen or used nearly that many brands, so I don't really know how much it makes a difference which brand you have.