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Thread: Bron para 88 VS octabox

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    Bron para 88 VS octabox

    Hi, has anyone tried broncolor para 88 without focusing system? How's the lighting without focusing system? Does it still have 'wrapping effect' or it's gonna be like normal reflector? Will the light cover the whole body for shooting fashion?

    I have tried the bigger para 220FB with a ringflash, it was a beautiful light, I found that heavy editing is unnecessary when shooting with para focusing system.
    But unfortunately I can only afford para 88.

    At the moment my modifiers are small softbox from senso kit and a white beauty dish. Someone is selling a secondhand para 88 for $1500, I think its a pretty good deal. Should I go for it or should I go for the new bron octabox 150cm (400$)? I will mainly use it for shooting portrait, beauty, and fashion on location.

    Excuse my language as English is really my second language.

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    Re: Bron para 88 VS octabox

    I have it, but have really only used it with the focusing system. Not as a "normal reflector"
    I would recommend getting it with the focusing system. Or buying them separately if you save money that way. It will be fine for 1 person, but you can't stand in front of it, like you can With the 220. That will cause shadows...

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