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Thread: Elinchrom Ranger servicing?

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    Elinchrom Ranger servicing?

    Got my whole two-pack, 5 heads and 6 batteries kit needing cleaning, inspection + possible repairs. Manfrotto has yet to respond after two weeks (and Elinchrom on Facebook couldnt be bothered)..and now Flash Clinic here in NYC tells me they don't do Elinchrom.
    Anyone know where I can get my rangers checked up here Stateside, as well as recelling the batteries? thanks

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    Re: Elinchrom Ranger servicing?

    Only one I know who is reliable is Robin Robal/Flashlights in Los Angeles, (626) 449-4125, but there has to be one closer to you. If you give Robin a call, he might well tell you about somebody closer; if you go with him, he will do a good job.
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