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Thread: Orbis Ring Flash

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    Orbis Ring Flash

    I got a new toy for Christmas that is awesome - the Orbis Ring Flash. It creates the most beautiful light on faces. I got it mainly for photographing my children and I am really pleased. It gives that professional look to everyday photographs. The best part - it was only $160! I used a 5% discount code from this Flickr group:[email protected]/

    Has anyone else tried one and liked it?

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    Re: Orbis Ring Flash

    I bought the Ring Ray Flash and so far it's great. I like the fact that it leaves the flash in the hotshoe, not requiring another hand to work it.


    Different strokes for different folks.
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    Re: Orbis Ring Flash

    I decided to go with the Orbis since it makes it easy to gel, pop on and off on a whim AND mainly because it fits most flashes. I did not want to commit to one flash by buying the Rayflash. I try to think long term with my equipment and the Orbis seems more versitile in this way. Plus, it still was $40 cheaper than the Rayflash. LOL

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