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Thread: Red and White Minstrels

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    Red and White Minstrels

    Ever tried to mix red (infrared) and white (photocell) flash slaves as I just did and wondered why they did not behave nicely?

    Here is an interesting thing I learned today thanks to Stan from Wein taking the trouble to scan and email me instructions for the Wein Pro Sync 2 infrared flash trigger:

    "While both types of receivers can be used with the Pro-Sync transmitter, "red" (infrared) and "white" (photocell) receivers should not be used at the same time. Because the most sensitive white light slaves react to the Pro-Sync signal a split second faster than infrared receivers, mixing the two types of receivers can cause signal jamming, a loss of flash synchronisation, or improperly lit photos."

    Uh huh!

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    Re: Red and White Minstrels

    IR slaves were great and really reliable in the studio however outdoors in daylight they were never that good and I switched to radio out 7 years ago. I'm very surprised they still make IR slaves, is there a particular reason why you still used them?

    I've just started using the Broncolor RFS system and it's the first trigger I've used that is actually smaller than the old Wein transmitters I used to use and works great so far.

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