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Thread: Wireless Flashes Syncing w/ Leaf Shutters

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    Wireless Flashes Syncing w/ Leaf Shutters

    I've seen some flash transmitters/receivers indicate that they're rated for 1/250th of sec shutter speed. Is this only referring to using FPS cameras or does this apply to cameras like my Rolleiflex which I intend to use? I want to get a transmitter/receiver set up for a Godox 360 unit (actually the Interfit version) but the branded wireless kit they sell says it's only rated for 1/250th. My other option is a basic Cactus set up which has 1/1000th I believe. Just not sure this will apply to my Rollei's leaf shutter...


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    Re: Wireless Flashes Syncing w/ Leaf Shutters

    The problem to address here is the lag time that the wireless transmitter sends the signal. Simply stated, you need a wireless trigger system that has the capability to keep up with faster flash shutter sync speeds. Some triggers like Pocket Wizard (more recent models) have the capability of being set in "fast" mode to accomplish this. Profoto Air transmitters too. Others may be okay out of the box (Cybersync)---you simply need to check the specs! Many brands assume focal plane shutters are being used...


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