I was curious how many Mamiya RB users are out there on this forum? Mamiya just announced today here in the states that they will start shipping their own version of an RB to digital back adapter. There have been solutions out from companies in the past, but they were just simply metal adapters and on some digital backs, like the PhaseOne you had to use the two-shot approach or single shot cable.
This adapter has electronics on it and should allow for seamless operation for of course the ZD, but also for the Phase One. I was speaking with the head of world wide support at Phase and he does not see any issues with it working with their line of digital backs. They and we will be testing as soon as we get one in our hands.
Another big feature of this adapter over the others is that it used the 645FD mount so it can easily fit on a second platform (AFD) for flexibility. It also rotates.
More info to follow.

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