Thought I would post this since a new laptop I need to see how things are working now and I also posted this somehwere else and thought I would share the data .

Okay DF P40+ plus C1 tethered with MBP 15 inch 2.66 8gb of ram I7 core, OWC 200gb Extreme SSD . Doing the one thousand count full res files exactly 2 seconds or slightly less. Okay putting cam on continuous shooting about 25 shots never hit the buffer .Now the cam is faster than the two second per image processing speed so when finger let off it still had 8 in the cue to come in. You find better let me know. This is better than any cam i shot tethered that I can recall.

You wanna go extremely fast in sensor plus mode ( 10 mpx on P40+) processing time is almost instant for full preview. It is 1.5 seconds or faster for full preview and no buffer shooting at that rate. End of test

I shot fashion for years when I was a much younger man and i never went faster than this shooting. You want 5 fps than shoot a Canon but you won't find a tethered program that goes at that speed not with current Firewire technology or USB. That is the bottleneck. This laptop is a little faster than the older unit tethered but again it's the limit of Firewire and data being pushed. I could maybe go slightly faster in full resolution using S mode which compresses the raw file more. Obviously the more data going threw the wire will slow it down regardless of system.