Greetings from a new forum member!

I'm in search of a new camera to create images for posters sized appr. 28x20 inch / 70x50 cm.

The Mamiya 645AFD III with ZD Back (double buffer) is tempting now that it is priced agressively (set with 4 lenses for 6500 euro ex 19% VAT at

I can live with the ZD's drawbacks (tiny LCD, rather slow operations, poor IQ in low light), since I'll mostly be working outdoors in good light.

Here's my question. I've seen fabulous prints in the size I'm after, but those are made on dedicated (Epson) printers. For my posters offset printing will be used. My doubt: 5328 pixels for 28 inch means a meagre 190 pixels per inch. Printing people I talk to raise their eyebrows when I mention these figures and urge me to come back with something in the range of 230-250-300 pixels per inch. I reckon they don't know much about pixel size/density...

To sum it all up, I'd love to hear some practical experience from ZD shooters who used their images for large commercial printing. I know a lot has been posted in this forum on the ZD, but the information I've read is mostly on the camera itself, not on actual use in offset.

My alternatives are limited. More modern DB's still exceed my budget. DSLR's like the Nikon D3x, Sony A900 or Canon 5D Mark II provide similar amounts of pixels but appeal to me less (and cost no less when quality lenses are added). Good old film I'd rather not go back to although used MF gear is virtually for free these days and I've always loved the looks of Provia and Velvia (previously on a Contax G2 and Rolleiflex).

Thanks and regards