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Thread: Problem with Phocus Scene Calibration Tool - Help

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    Problem with Phocus Scene Calibration Tool - Help

    Hi guys!

    I ran into a weird problem today. I tried to use the scene calibration tool for the first time because the 43XL gives some color casts when shooting.

    Everything looks perfect in Phocus, scene calibration works like a charm, image is even, and color casts disappear; but as soon as I export the file as a Tiff I get a strong magenta color cast in the lower right corner.

    What confuses me is, that in Phocus itself the image looks perfect as it is and the exported file is different that what I should get ...

    Is this a glitch of some sort?

    Everything else in Phocus is turned off btw, so no noise reduction, color correction, no dac etc.

    Kind regards


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    Re: Problem with Phocus Scene Calibration Tool - Help

    Did you save the adjustments?

    If not, you can either save them manually under Image in the top menu (note: while the main viewer will show the corrections, the thumbnails in the browser won't update until you tell it to save adjustments).

    Or go to preferences and select "Always Save". If you do this, it will automatically update the file when you click off that file, or export, or close Phocus. That way you don't have to update each file as you correct it.


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