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Thread: Lens Shade solutions (Rm3D)

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    Lens Shade solutions (Rm3D)


    I'm really considering the arca system and I just wanted to check what type of lens shading systems there are.

    I would like something little more adjustable than the standard arca lens-shade-compendium.

    Thomas showed me his Sinar approach wich I really liked, are there any other options out there ?


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    Re: Lens Shade solutions (Rm3D)

    Hi Christopher,

    there is also a Lee Filter system ->
    But it does basically the same as the Arca compendium; so I think Arca's own compendium would be better (as it attaches on the body, not on the lens).

    There are also the Alpa Pro Lens Shades, but they are limited in use:

    The Sinar Lens shade is unique as you can cover the sensor plane for each movement.

    Let's assume this is the sensor centered and at 4-way shift:

    For the center a compendium and the Sinar lens shade can do the same:

    If you use movements with a compendium you have to enlarge the crop area for the entire image circle - even if you just use, let's say, 15 rise but no lateral movements:

    But with the Sinar lens shade you can crop the respective sensor plane:

    Of course you can also adjust the Sinar lens shade for any other sensor position in the image circle.
    You won't use this feature in any case and with any lens. But for instance my 70HR is really prone to loose contrast when too much light hits the lens. So on this lens I try to shade as much as possible:

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