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Thread: Adjusting Viewfinder

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    Adjusting Viewfinder

    Hey guys,
    May be a silly question but I adjusted my viewfinder for no good reason because it was fine but now i'm not sure if its 100% right, I can adjust it a bit and it still looks sharp in the viewfinder, I'm wondering if there is a proper technique to make sure its right because I pretty much do manual focus all the time.


    Hassy H4D-40.

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    Re: Adjusting Viewfinder

    Eyepiece adjustment
    No corrective lenses are needed to adjust the eyepiece to suit most requirements.
    The diopter range is from -5 to +3.5D. Eyeglass wearers can rapidly and accurately change the settings according to whether they wish to wear eyeglasses for viewing or not.
    Personal eyepiece adjustments can be carried out by pointing the camera at the sky or similar smoothly toned area. While holding the camera in your left hand, you can with your right thumb turn the adjustment wheel until the markings on the viewfinder screen reach the optimum sharpness for your eyesight.
    If you normally wear eyeglasses for distance viewing and intend to wear them for camera use then do not remove them for the above procedure. If, on the other hand, you prefer to remove your eyeglasses for camera work, then repeat the above procedure without wearing your eyeglasses.

    Straight from the manual, it works for me.

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