I was just on LL and saw a post from Denis Monalbelli regarding a conversation he had with some Phase One reps:
Just got back from Brisbane at the annual photo show. Spent some time at the L&P stand talking to a Phase One rep from Denmark. Camera feels really good in the hand & the focus is faster than the AFDII. Looked at lens comparison between the Hasselblad 120 vrs the new 120D Mamiya with an image taken by a Phase back. They were very close & the Mamiya 120D was slightly sharper. By Photokina I heard about the first leaf shutter lens being an 80mm. Also they are coming out with a 45 tilt shift lens that is the same one from Hartblei that will be reworked. This new lens will have software correction with the new Phase software.
Thanks Denis"

Anyone else go and get to speak with anyone.

We just received our PhaseOne 645AFD at our Miami offices this week, and boy to read about it is one thing, to hold it in your hands and feel it thats another. I was very impressed with the newly designed grip and silicon coating, also the mirror slap is minimized compared to the AFDI and II, autofocus better and shutter lag shortened. Everything that has been stated is being delivered upon. Also the Mamiya HB adapter is definitely better quality than the $89 Fotodiox one. We need to test them side by side to see if there are any focus differences (more to follow).

I had a feeling for the past few months that Hartblie maybe coming out with a redesign of the 45 t/s . Because I noticed that they have put an agreement together with Zeiss to take their T/S design and have them manufacturer them for Nikons and Canons - http://hartblei.de/ .

There was mention of refresh on MF lenses, so I figured they were probably doing something special with possibly "Phase". Well it looks like my hunch was right, should be F'n cool!!!!! I will try to get more info.

IMO this platform has some long legs (of course I sell it, full disclosure)and the future looks bright for this "Open" system.

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