I am getting bored with 54s beep-and-squeek, and thinking about upgrading to something else.

But of course, being cheap bugger i would much rather go with some promotional upgrade, and not buy from scratch. I remember there used to be very nice Hasselblad one, but i am not willing to give up on AFDIII and RZ bodies and optics ( i can throw in AFDII/I body, ZD back if it would help to settle things)

Looking more for sensor size (my current ZD and 54s got 1.1 crop factor from 645), not for pixel count (wouldnt hurt, but i am not fanatical about it), and couldnt care less for high ISO I like to shoot at iso25/50 most of time (rarely go to 400, when just snapping some photojournalist stuff).

Kodak or Dalsa - i dont care again, b/c i believe that latest releases got close enough for my taste on colours/skin tones (P1 used to be better for scapes, and Leaf used to be better for skin, last time i had this choice dilemma).