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Thread: Do Sensors “Outresolve” Lenses? or why a move to MF

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    Do Sensors “Outresolve” Lenses? or why a move to MF

    Fine article at Luminous Landscape which take the subjective out of the subject and gives firm data backed up by optical theory to evaluate lenses and sensors. You'll also see why there is a slow but steady movement to Digital MF by those who need the best.

    Makes me hope the new Canon 5D replacement comes in at about 16megpixels and why Sony's 25megpixel may not be that impressive.

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    Re: Do Sensors “Outresolve” Lenses? or why a move to MF


    It's funny that you should mention that you'd like to see the "5D II" sport a 16MP sensor. I just finished an e-mail exchange with a friend in which we lamented the current MP race that we see in the market – from P&S to DSLR. Many of us want big, juicy, noise-free pixels, not more tiny ones crammed on to the sensor. It doesn't seem that the respective marketing departments at the camera makers care much about what photographers want or need. Nothing new I suppose.

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