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Thread: Generations of Hasselblad F lenses

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    Generations of Hasselblad F/FE lenses

    Hi everyone,

    from time to time I find classifieds for the Hasselblad F/FE lenses, naming them as 4th or 5th generation. I know that there was a change from the F to the FE-design at the beginning of the 90s when the metered models were introduced, but I wasn´t aware of the fact that there has been further development since.
    Can anyone please tell me how many generations of these lenses actually exist, how they can be distinguished and what the changes were?

    Best, Benjamin

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    Re: Generations of Hasselblad F lenses

    Some of the lenses were redesigned slightly for the use of lead-free glass in the late 90s, but that's still only 3 generations. Perhaps they are collectors and are thinking about serial number blocks?

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