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Thread: Photographs twice the price of commissioned painting

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    Photographs twice the price of commissioned painting

    I put a day's photography into a charity auction, and it was the highest price lot, making two or three times the price of paintings by competent artists - digital photography has come of age... and there are people out there that know it!

    (...but the 200 price was less than half what you would have to pay to hire the kit,,, )

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    Re: Photographs twice the price of commissioned painting

    $325, for a days worth of photography ... and a painter that'll auction off a piece of original art for 1/3 that ($100.) ? What's the world come to?

    I can see someone jumping for the photography ... a nice set of family portraits ... very personal use compared to a painting.

    Funny, I have auctioned off a family portrait setting for charity a number of times, and not one person followed up on it, yet paid for it. Odd.

    What really used to move at charity events was B&W prints ... those always outsold everything else.


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