I shot most of last weekend with the semi-scruffy Contax 55mm Distagon lens I bought inexpensively ($525) and have been carrying around in my bag for months now, and I am absolutely delighted upon discovering just what a gem it is proving to be! It does sharp where it's supposed to do sharp and then dissolves beautifully, almost imperceptibly, into the background and foreground ... wow! I only wish its focal length wasn't quite so long or I would be using it far more often. (Alas, the 45mm/f2.8 -- or my sample of it, at least -- doesn't even begin to perform at the same level.)

Of course, if I pay the GetDPI tax and upgrade my back from a P30+ to a P45+ -- I can't go with the new IQ backs because I need long-exposure capability for my nighttime photography -- its effective focal length will shorten from ~44mm to ~38mm (in 35mm format terms), which would be just about perfect ... now where I did I leave that extra twenty-three large lying around (because used Contax-mount P45+ backs aren't exactly thick on the ground)?