I am slowly coming to grips with using an IQ180 on both Copal and Rollei shutters. What's new to me is that C1 leaves all this entirely to you, as opposed to giving you control of the electronic shutter. I need to become familiar with wakeups and latencies in ways that did not arise with Phocus. I am also getting up close and personal with my shutter controller.

1. Looking for a summary of the cabling options for the manual shutter and IQ back.
2. The Rollei LCS is a special problem. Given that I cannot control it via connection to the IQ back (I could with the Blad), I have to sit beside the LCS control unit and that must be next to the camera (short lens connection cable). Trouble is my camera is often not in an accessible place. So, I need to communicate with the LCS and/or shutter remotely via serial or something like it.

I suppose I could replace the shutters (aaargh), but the Schneider electronic shutter doesn't cut it for me. I understand Rodenstock has a new shutter that may work once it is released (I use Rodenstock lenses), real soon now. However, I am perfectly happy with the Rollei if I can just talk to it from a distance. I believe there is an aero division remote control which is probably hideously expensive. I think all you really need is a serial cable and some software.

Anyone have any experience with a solution?