So, first off, thank you to all of you who have posted here with your experiences with various tech camera/back combos - reading the materials helped me to decide on which system I should step into.

Was originally obsessed with Alpa. Very obsessed. A local dealer of other systems - B3K Digital - suggested I borrow a Cambo, which I did. Didn't really do it for me. They suggested the RM3di. It seamed like it was the way to go.

So, I got it.

Because of a busy work schedule, and spending more time then I should building a playhouse for my daughter, the camera arrived and sat in the bag for a couple of weeks.

Last week I had to shoot a campaign, and I thought I should bring the Arca along - just in case...

It was a location shoot, landscapes of wine country, restaurants.

I had done the back calibration already - had just enough time to do that! And had enough time to test the laser focus with the disto. To my amazement, the thing worked - perfectly!

I have to say the whole system, the camera/lens/viewfinder/Disto was a pleasure to work with. Did not have a single issue framing/focusing using the viewfinder and Disto. The framing system with the viewfinder using the "holes" to adjust rise/shift worked perfectly. I wasn't going to get the viewfinder originally, but they lent me one with the camera to try and I loved it! It made it so I never had to remove the back from the camera for framing with the ground glass. I set up a grid in C1 so when shooting teathered so I know exactly how much rise/shift to apply so framing would be exact once the art director started to make specific requests on changes to the composition.

As a side note, when shifting between the Arca and my Hassy 503CW, the AD said there was a marked difference between the two cameras and the IQ coming out the Arca.

It was a pleasure to work with this set up. The files from my P45 never looked so good! It was such a precise system. Having problems focusing - age - using the laser finder made it so I could pinpoint what I wanted to focus on - exactly!

The image circle on the lens is HUGE! Didn't concern myself once with pushing the limits of coverage.

So, if anyone is having a moment trying to decide which tech camera system to go with, I'd like to throw a vote to the Arca.