For those of you in the Midwest who might be interested in Alpa cameras, I just found out that Dodd Camera is now an Alpa dealer. Dodd’s professional stores are in Cleveland and Chicago. I have been a long-time customer of Dodd’s, and this year I made the leap to medium format with their help.

Throughout my MF adventure they kept my interests at the forefront, even when it became obvious I was going to choose Alpa, which at the time they did not carry. They sourced equipment from other dealerships, made deals, shipped demos and rentals, solved problems, expedited when necessary, etc. All the things you would expect a great dealer to do even though at the time they did not represent the equipment I was purchasing.

There are obviously some very good dealers represented on this site who carry Alpa, Phase and related equipment. Alpa now has a presence in the Midwest through Dodd Camera. I have no affiliation with Dodd other than being a well-supported customer. This just occurred last week, so I don't think there is anything on their website yet. Contact info is below. Dennis will off to Switzerland in October for a factory visit and additional training.


Dennis Semick
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John Popp
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