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Thread: Phase One P30 & Hasselblad H1: some questions

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    Phase One P30 & Hasselblad H1: some questions

    I just got a offer for a Used Phase One P30. The counter is 17990. Normaly i love to have a P25 for my hasselblad but then again the price for the P30 is 4500 Euros plus taxes (25%) and its come with a 3 months warranty.

    I have newer use a Digi Back, just got my Hasselblad H1 with a 80mm so any recomentations are weclome.


    P.S. In the same time i am thinking for a used 50-110 HC (Ca 2000 Euros) and a 1,7 converter

    Lambis Stratoudakis
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