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Thread: Mamiya ZD SLR

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    Mamiya ZD SLR

    Hey all

    I was wondering if anyone had details about getting a Mamiya ZD's [SLR not Back] firmware upgraded in the UK - I have looked around, but all I see is USA and Japanese options [and USA say they don't touch ZD because they never imported it?] - anyone got any experience?

    I'm still running 1.03, and don't want to get any 'D' Lenses just in case

    I saw a contact for a Mamiya USA rep when browsing - but couldnt seem to find that thread again after my iPad closed the window...

    Sorry if this is a repost - but I couldn't find any specific and relevant info via searches.



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    Re: Mamiya ZD SLR

    Did you talk to Johnson Photopia (JP Distribution)? They replaced the shutter and serviced my AFD/DCS645M years ago when I was in the UK. They were the Mamiya distributors.
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    Re: Mamiya ZD SLR

    Thank you Graham

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