Hi I am Sanga living in germany. I am considering to have a MM camera system. Let say I fall in love with the richness of the color.

I mainly shoot landscape and sometime fashion and maybe later classic nude. I have 5dmk1 currently.

After researching the inet, I get lost and am drown because too many choices and to many consideration, like dm vs leaf vs phase one (the sensor quality + upgrade option). The various lens type and body, mamiya afd 1,2,3, dm, RZ. Or better Dm 33 not dm 22 etc etc, make me drown and dont know which one is suitable for me.

I consider mamiya dm 22 with 80mm 2.8 but it is too much for beginner like me, cost 7k (even maybe i will buy it if it is still the best option).

I find several option like 80mm+mamiya afd ii+ zd 22 or aptus II 5 digital back which cost around 4500.

1. landscape and some fashion or portrait
2. digital + AF body system
3. portable (i like traveling )
4. 1 good wide lens (don't mind if it is manual as long as a focusing screen) and later maybe a good portrait lens
5. affordable for a really new beginner who want to start shooting in MM (and still have his decent lunch+ dinner and not getting BROKE)
6. (nice to have) a bit higher flash sync.

I would like to have maybe mamiya system because it looks that it is affordable for me but still open my mind for any option.

best regard
*the confused MM new commer*