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Thread: In-person Training with Guy Mancuso

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    In-person Training with Guy Mancuso

    Just wanted to post a quick message here about my weekend consulting hang with Guy. A bit of a plug for him, but he deserves it.

    I highly recommend this kind of private instruction/consulting/collaboration - whatever you want to call it. As a musician this is a concept that is just engrained in our thinking, but it seems not so much in Photography. Just like in music, I would much prefer to 'study' with someone and get on a fast track, rather than always going it alone, trial and error. The return on investment is huge.

    -- end of plug ---

    Anyway, in case anyone else is considering this, here is a bit of what we did, or course tailored to my needs.

    First, some recent discussion here on the forum about adjusting infinity on Schneider lenses came in handy as Guy was able to adjust my 35mm lens. (and his too) It seems like the manufacturers set infinity loosely. Not so good when you have no auto-focus. After the ring adjustment the results were noticeably better wide-open. It's hard to put a price on getting gear to perform at it's maximum. Too bad this kind of adjustment is needed, but it is what it is.

    I recently purchased a Cambo Wide RS from Capture Integration and one of my objectives was to go over the setup, and actually test shoot. After going over the setup in his garage, we headed out to Sedona for some practice shooting. In one day I felt perfectly comfortable shooting the tech camera. (I had some previous experience with movements, so that obviously helped) I wasn't familiar with the LCC corrections though, so we went over that, and in post-processing the need for this became very obvious. Even if you could manually fix the light-falloff, the color shifts would be very difficult to fix without the LCC.

    The rest of the time we worked in C1. I moved to C1 from Lightroom some months ago, but again, seeing how someone else is using it is instructive.

    The truth is that no matter how accomplished I may be in my areas, it's hard to know everything. The informal collaboration on the internet is valuable, but sometimes the more formal approach can't be beat.

    Thanks Guy!

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    Re: In-person Training with Guy Mancuso

    Mark thank you very much for your comments. I throughly enjoyed your company and getting you on a path to serve your end needs. Truth be told I wish I could do this sort of consulting daily along with our workshops and bag the commercial work. Just something I really have grown to love is helping others grow in this industry that served me and my family for many years.
    Photography is all about experimentation and without it you will never learn art.

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    Re: In-person Training with Guy Mancuso

    I have found Guy to be one of the most giving and helpful pros I have ever met. He has personally helped me, on more than one occasion, with my tech camera and 645D.

    I would strongly recommend Guy to anyone who wants to grow in our business.

    George May

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    Re: In-person Training with Guy Mancuso


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