I'm guessing that this doesn't exist, but I'm giving it a shot.

I have been getting a little more comfortable hanging the Alpa 12 Max around my neck with a P45+, but the damn wake on cable plug attached to the back sticks out at an angle. I know this is designed this way to give space for the flash sync port and the CF door, but I would like to possibly get an adapter or something to keep the plug from poking into my side. I'm worried that the wake on cable's wires will break after a period of time because of a constant bend at a 90 degree angle. I also realized that I can't keep the cable connected to the back if I stow it away in a camera bag for temporary purposes because of this issue. I've been getting really good at guesstimating at f/4.5 and would like to use a TC soon for more urban photography, but would hate to disconnect and reconnect the cable every time I have to tuck it away in a sketchy part of a neighborhood.

Something like Capture Integration's Sync Saver would be perfect: