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Thread: P45+ and Water Corrosion

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    P45+ and Water Corrosion

    I recently turned in a P45+ to Phase One in Denmark after it started to act strangely. Their investigation found signs of water corrosion in the internal circuitry, which they suggest to replace (please spare me any references to the repair cost ).

    I do recall the back being exposed to some light drizzling rain and being close to oceanfronts and waterfalls during its lifetime, but the camera certainly didn't get drenched with water on any of these occasions. Also, I never noticed any signs of water inside the back (such as moisture around/on the sensor, or a fogged display). At home, I always store the camera in a dry place with low humidity.

    So I wonder if there are any possibilities for weather-sealing the back a bit more in DIY manner for the future. I've been thinking about taping the buttons and the CF card bay prior to shoots where I may encounter wet conditions, but maybe there are more effective options. Any ideas?

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    Re: P45+ and Water Corrosion

    The problem with taping buttons and such is that it inhibits their use in the field. Silly sounding (and looking) I know, but one of the best things I've found (outside of full-fledged rain gear) is to keep a hotel shower cap in my camera bag. They are sealed and pack small, and the elastic is just enough to pull over the camera/back to keep slight drizzle out. Murphy's Law or plain laziness means I haven't packed my rain gear at all---but the shower cap takes up hardly any room and is perfect for light drizzle and unforseen weather. And the cost is so reasonable... Consider it a Phase One prophylactic that you keep in your wallet....
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    Re: P45+ and Water Corrosion

    As there's no vents to block it I'd suggest putting a small freezer bag over the back and securing it with a rubber band as close to the body as possible. (Making sure there are no creases to hold water).
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