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Thread: RZ67 Focusing Screen Recommendations

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    RZ67 Focusing Screen Recommendations

    I recently acquired an RZ67 Pro IID. I will be mounting an Aptus II 7 to the back (48x36) and using it 99% digitally and 1% for film. It currently has the standard focusing screen. I am looking for recommendations concerning an improved focusing screen and masks.....

    I would like to replace the focusing screen, and add a mask if available/applicable. Here is my wish list...

    a) Brighter for easier focusing
    b) Split image (Brightscreen #5?)
    c) Microprism ring around split image (Brightscreen #5?)
    d) Crop lines (or better yet, semi-opaque mask..acetate??) for use with the digital back
    c) 1/3 composition lines as well.

    I have heard-of/read-about Brightscreen, Beattie and Maxwell(?).

    I would like to hear of all of the options that are available, including recommendations, actual user comments and pros and cons with each solution.

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    Re: RZ67 Focusing Screen Recommendations

    I use a Brightscreen 5 with diagonal split on my H3d2-39. Brightscreen will add crop lines if you like. I find it much better, faster for manual focusing than standard screen. Maxwell might be a better product, but the price was so much higher I didn't feel it justified the cost. Your mileage may differ. That said, I did have a problem with Brightscreen and they made an improvement to the method of holding the screen together (at a cost to me), but I'll bet they now do it for all Hasselblad screens. Certainly might not be the case with RZ screens as they would be different in construction from Hassie screens. Bottom line for me is I would have a hard time going back to standard screen. I generally autofocus and if I see split is not lined up perfectly on my focus point I manually make the adjustment with shutter release half way down. Obviously, not the same with RZ.

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