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WRS-1068 adapter plate for the Cambo, uses the Mamiya RB filmback.
Sorry to highjack this thread, has anyone tried this adapter plate? I have a WRS with an H-fit digital back, I was looking at getting a film back from a Hassleblad H series camera, but of course with no electrical contacts the back wouldn’t know when to wind on.

It’d be great to have an adaptor plate with a film back of some sort in the camera bag with a roll of Velvia or Acros in it as a backup or just for fun.

I know it wasn’t advisable to use film lenses on a digital back, but what about a digital lens on film, is the focal plane going to be in exactly the same position and am I going to get weird colour shifts or CA?

From the pic on the Cambo website it seems they’re using a 6x8 back, so a 100mm image circle required to fill the frame… plus any shifts...

The adaptor plates for digital backs run to about $500. Wonder if this film back adaptor would cost less as the manufacturing precision and accuracy can be less for film?? Wishful thinking!